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    Download HealthSolutions App to call ambulance 24x7 with tracking on map.
    Currently this service is available in Karachi only and will be launched
    in other cities of Pakistan soon.

Ambulance (Current Scenario)

Currently, in the busiest city of Karachi, due to lack of resources lot of patients suffer or even pass away due to not getting treatment on time. Sometimes the condition is critical, but a lot of times due to non availability of Ambulance on time.
On the other hand, sometimes more than one ambulance reach to serve the same patient. It may happen when:-
1. Multiple people call different Ambulance services while gather to assist patient(s) of road accident
2. Attendant does not wait for the Ambulance due to the non assurance that how much time Ambulance will take to pick my patient or even started moving towards me or not. Keeping blind faith is not possible in such a critical scenario or may cost a lot.
Unlike current scenario, HealthSolutions app delivers ambulance service with tracking which provides ease of mind in such crtical scenario to the user. Also, it aLlows us to use the limited resources SMARTLY.

Ambulance with Tracking (HealthSolutions App)

HealthSolutions App provides a way to use the limited resources SMARTLY and overcome the patient transportation issues and save lives at maximum level.
HealthSolutions App works like Uber and Careem and provides tracking with the help of which:-
1. Multiple resources are not assigned at single LOCATION
2. The attendant can easily track and view the Ambulance position
3. Nearest resource is assigned to save life and time with an empowered command and control Centre monitoring multi-level Ambulances like transport, lifesaving and Advance care with Vent/minor OT working on ground through tracking and connectivity directly with the help of Artificial intelligence who defined who required which type of ambulance care. It also avoid of misusing the facility like one need the ambulance he called almost all ambulances companies and many will be on road just to pick one but using HealthSolutions App when it connected with one rest will automatically available for other requirements.

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