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HealthSolutions is a platform to merge the efforts of famous NGOs, blood banks, pharmaceutical resources, and generous blood donors in order to assist people in need of blood, medicines or ambulance.

HealthSolutions took a step to provide the best ambulance services. In the current era, in the busiest city of Karachi, there are various issues regarding medical health services. Due to lack of resources countless patients suffer or pass away due to not getting treatment on time. Sometimes conditions are critical but most incidents are due to the non-availability of an ambulance on time.

While in some cases more than one ambulance reaches to serve the same patient. It might happen when

1. Several ambulance services are called by multiple people while gathering to aid patients of a road accident.

2. The attendant is not been able to wait for the ambulance due to non-assurance that how much time will ambulance take to rescue my patient or even started and headed towards my location or not. Blind hoping is not possible in these crunch situations, it could cost a lot.

In the contrasting current scenario, our online ambulance booking app provides the best ambulance service to book an ambulance online that too with tracking which is a great facility and ease for users in such critical situations.


The smarter way is provided by healthsolutions in the form of an online ambulance booking app to use the limited resources which overcomes the patient conveyance issues and saves multiple lives to the maximum extent.

HealthSolutions app provides emergency ambulance with tracking like other car transport services like Uber and Careem etc. With the help of these services:

1. Multiple resources are not allotted to the same location

2. The attendant can easily navigate and view the ambulance position

3. The closest resource is assigned to rescue the life and consumes less time with powerful authority and control center monitoring multi-level ambulance services like life protecting, conveyance with vent OT working on ground through tracking and direct connectivity with the help of Artificial Intelligence who indicates those who need which type of ambulance care. It also disables someone who looks for misusing the facility like he may call multiple ambulances from several companies and more than one ambulance is arrived to serve only one patient. HealthSolutions app when it is connected to one then automatically rest will be available for other requirements.

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